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About the Artists


The Green Door Studio and Gallery is by now a well established centre of excellence where local landscape, seascape and portraiture are predominantly featured.


The four painters, Adrienne, Gary, Kevin and Kate are related in family and also in the sources of their inspiration, the coast of Donegal, but they differ widely in their personal response to the raw materials that prompts their work.

Each has an insatiable commitment to their work - always striving for something slightly out of reach.

Their distinctly different styles compliment each other working in harmony to bring together an exhibition of work truly "of the place"


Kate studied painting in Belfast College of Art and sculpture in St Martins College in London where she graduated in fine Art.

She taught art in St Cecilia's College, Derry and headed the art department from '91 - '96. Now a full time painter, she has developed a very personal style of palette knife work to interpret the North West coast, capturing the essence of an idyllic moment in bold uncluttered images.


Kevin graduated Belfast College of Art with a B.A Honours in fine Art and a diploma in Art Education. A full time painter since 1990, he explores mood, time, action, space and textural qualities in his work. They are focused studies of the ocean and rocky coast of Donegal, which though largely abstract, resonate with the personal space of the viewer.


Adrienne graduated from the University of Ulster, York St, with a B.A Honours in Fine

and Applied Arts. Primarily a painter she is also a printmaker in the disciplines of

etching and screen printing. She studied illustration in Urbino, Italy and has won acclaim and commissions for her contemporary work. Her works are intuitive and spiritual evocations of the dramatic moods of the Donegal coast. In 2002 she received a U.T.V young Artist of the year award.


The Green Door also represents the painting, drawings and illustrations of well known North West based Artist Gary Bonner (BA/Hons) 

Already well established throughout Ireland as a fine portrait Artist his new contemporary large scale works see him working with form, colour and a strong sense of composition which has resulted in bold modern and highly appealing works.

In his work, beautiful paintings off the coastline contrast with more modern minimalist styles illustrating a range of styles and strengths.

His work reveals an adept versatility of painting styles not often evident in a young Artist.


The Gallery is a family run friendly place where people come daily to relax and enjoy the paintings or to talk and commission works both small and large from any of the artists.

The fully rounded range and mastery of techniques possessed by the artists makes the green door an obvious place to enrich your appreciation of painting and possibly add to your personal collection.


Among the brilliant coastal paintings a welcome is always in the air at the green door.  

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